Dizzy Twilight

The Grandma DJ who rocks the party



2017 Get in touch to book Dizzy Twilight for your event!

APR 2017: Whilton Mill:   The BUKC 2017 Championship Finals party

NOV 2016: Swindon: Birthday party

SEPT 2016: Humberside, Swindon & Wiltshire:   x3 Weddings!

AUG 2016: Reading:   TOGS Convention 2016

AUG 2016: Wiltshire:   Wedding

JUL 2016: London:   Creative Floor Awards 2016

JUL 2016: Various locations:   Private parties!

MAY 2016: Wiltshire:   Private parties!

APR 2016: Wiltshire:   Private party

APR 2016: London:   Berwickstock 2016

APR 2016: Dorset:   The BUKC 2016 Championship Finals party

APR 2016: Bedfordshire:  50th Birthday party

DEC 2015: Swindon: New Year's Eve 'Knees Up, The Castle, Old Town, Swindon

DEC 2015: Crathorne: The Dizzy Christmas Party @ Crathorne Arms, N.Yorks

DEC 2015: London: Kartfight London, 2015

AUG 2015: Reading: Tog's Convention @ Reading University

JUL 2015: London: The Creative Floor Awards 2015

JUL 2015: Crathorne: Dizzy Twilight @ Crathorne Arms

MAR 2015: Whilton Mill: 2015 BUKC Championship Finals party

JAN 2015: Private party

AUG 2014: Leicester: Tog's Convention @ Leicester University

JUL 2014: Birthday party

JUL 2014: London: The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards, Shoreditch Studios

JUL 2014: Wedding party

MAY 2014: Private party

MAY 2014: Tetbury: Richard & Kate's wedding

APR 2014: Dorset: British Universities Karting Championship, 2014 Finals party

APR 2014: Private party

MAR 2014: London: Official Dizzy Twilight launch party, Bar Soho

SEPT 2012: Tog's Convention, Leicester University